Rocko Responds to Future, Says "I Just Want My Percentage"

It doesnt seem as though the smoke will clear between Future and Rocko  anytime soon. Things have seemingly come to a head after a story was  leaked to the media saying that Rocko and Future had settled their  lawsuit, entitling Rocko to royalties from Future's next two albums.  Both parties denied that the story was true, but Future is gearing up to  release a new album, 'Hendrix', this Friday, just one week after the  release of his last album, 'Future'. 

During a Twitter Q&A,  Future shot down speculation that the quick release of two albums is a  move to settle his obligations with Rocko. Today, Rocko posted a message  in support of Future's newest album on Instagram, saying that despite  their differences, Future is talented, has always been, and he just  wants his percentage due. 

That didn't go too well, because  Future fired back at Rocko in the comments, calling him fake and a con  artist. Let's hope this can be resolved soon.



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