Stevie J Introduces Alexis Branch on Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream

Stevie J stopped by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream to introduce his  new artist, Alexis Branch, formerly of the group Bliss. Stevie reveals  what made Alexis stand out as an artist he wanted to get behind, and  even praised her with comparisons to the late great Aaliyah.

Alexis describes the music making process with Stevie as very natural  and organic, and lists what separates her music and performances from  other artists.

Stevie discusses his love for reality tv, and the way that it has  allowed him to connect with a whole new generation of fans. He  introduces his producer, J Dub, who also successfully transitioned from  making music with the greats to producing music for Tyler Perry’s TV  shows.

Alexis Branch’s new single, “Let You Go”, is produced by Stevie J and  out now. Look for Alexis and Stevie on the upcoming season of Love and  Hip Hop Atlanta which begins next Monday on VH1.



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