French Montana Apologizes For Offensive Twitter Clap Back

French Montana faced backlash from his female fan base after his Twitter clap back ruffled a few feathers. A young black girl tweeted randomly (without a tag) "The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him". French caught wind to the shade and responded, calling her a "musty, crusty, rusty, dusty, a** h**" amongst other names. The backlash was swift, as women accused French of being racist and misogynistic. French responded by saying that he is from Africa, his mother is an African queen, and he was married to a black woman, so no he is not racist. He went on to say that he apologizes if his comments were offensive, but if your hair is nappy, then its just nappy! Do you think that French crossed the line or were his fans just doing the most? 



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