Kodak Black Will Learn His Fate Wednesday at Sentencing

Kodak Black is facing major legal troubles as prosecutors in Florida push to lock him up for 6 to 8 years for probation violation. 

Kodak accepted a plea deal in 2016 that confined him to house arrest and five years of probation. Unfortunately, he didn't take his obligation seriously, getting kicked out of anger management for disrupting his class with excessive burping, and threatening violence to the instructor. 

Kodak also is accused of a new assault charge involving a bartender at an unauthorized visit to a strip club. A dancer in the club is coming to Kodak's defense, stating that he never touched the bartender, but will that be enough to save him from some serious jail time? 

Kodak returns to court this Wednesday to be sentenced. At this time it is unclear whether the judge will allow him back on probation, or if the prosecutors will get their wish and he will be sentenced to 6 to 8 years behind bars. Stay tuned for details as they emerge. 



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