Adult Star Claims to Be Pregnant by Drake, Lawyers Up for Paternity Suit

Sophie Brussaux is an adult film star who was spotted dining with Drake earlier this year. She now claims to be pregnant with his child. Drake denies that this is true, but TMZ obtained paperwork that the woman's big shot lawyer filed to open a paternity suit against him. Sophie claims that she is 3.5 months pregnant and says that the child was conceived January 20 or 21 of this year. The pair was spotted out to eat on January 24. In his song "Sacrifices", Drake alludes to a fling with a woman on January 21, and goes on to say that he has no baby on the way. This is not the first time that Drake has been accused of being a woman's baby father. Last month, another woman claimed that she was pregnant by Drake, but that turned out to be false. Only time will tell if Drake will be a dad any time soon. 



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