Kaepernick Replies to Mike Vick's Advice to Cut Afro to Get Back in NFL

In a recent interview, Micheal Vick was asked about advice for Colin Kaepernick, who like Vick is seemingly being black balled by the NFL for expressing his position on police brutality and racial discrimination. Vick suggested that Kaepernick start by cutting his afro so that the NFL organizations don't perceive him to be such a threat. 

It seems as though Vick's suggestion follow in line with the steps that he took toward re-entry into the NFL after being convicted of dog fighting. However, Vick's comments quickly stirred controversy from fans and foes who thought that his comments were outlandish for Kaepernick who was only guilty of exercising his first amendment right.  

Kaepernick responded to the controversial comments by posting the definition of Stockholm Syndrome on Instagram, which occurs when individuals who have been traumatized and abused become brainwashed to the point that they defend their oppressors. What do you think of Mike Vick's comments and advice? Do you think that Kaepernick cutting his hair will help his career? 



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