Braxton Family Values Cast Interview with E.T. Cali


The Braxton sisters, stars of Braxton Family Values, stopped by the Galaxi to hang out with E.T. Cali, discuss the sixth season of their show and have some fun on the Galaxi pole of course (Hey Towanda girl!) Nothing is off limits in this exclusive interview! Traci, Towanda and Trina Braxton, with their good energy, good looks and high spirits, actually made E.T. blush. Which may be a Galaxi first… Trina is no stranger to E.T.’s show. When asked about their current dating lives watch how drastically different her answer to the question is now versus last year. Towanda also spills a little tea regarding her current situation! They kept mum on the topic of their mother revealing personal info on their sister Tamar… so a few things were off limits. Just kidding. The sisters shared some insight on their family background and upbringing and how it affects their outlooks on day to day life. E.T. who also comes from a large family structure shared some of his background as well. As far as new music Traci discussed her new single, “Broken Things” featuring her sisters Toni, Towanda and Trina. She gives some background on how the single came about and how her sisters ended up being the featured guests!  They give their take on how they deal with negativity on social media and being judged in general. Being in the industry for as long as they have, they give great advice and insight on the subject. E.T. makes sure to commend them on their longevity, career success and ability to rise above the bs that comes with fame. Braxton Family Values airs on WEtv every Thursday at 9pm… so be sure you tune in to see the next installment of all the craziness, love and drama with the Braxton sisters.


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