ET Sits Down With Trinidad James For An Exclusive Interview (Video)

*Warning explicit language 


E.T. Cali brings us yet another great interview with Atlanta's own Trinidad James! This interview is an up close and personal interviews with the Atlanta rap star, as he talks about everything we know about such as his meteoric rise to fame, the unprecedented 2 million dollar Def Jam contract, the short after label debacle, teams turning on him, and many things that we don't know about that people have only speculated about as he has never addressed directly until today.

He also talks about what many have already stated to be his potential comeback, ironically based on his EP 'Father Figga' that will release only a few years after 'All Gold Everytyhing'. This EP is set to release interdependently July 28th. 

There is no doubt Trinidad has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, in some cases situations that very few have championed.  There is already a lot of buzz around his two new joints "Dad" and "Di$respectful" that have already reached over a million views on YouTube combined!

After the interview be sure to check them out below!


What do you think about 'Dad' and 'Di$respectful'? Below are a few responses from social media.


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E.T. Cali

E.T. Cali

E.T. Cali is Atlanta radio's original Durtty Boy and #1 purveyor of infectious authenticity. He's an uncommon talent who constantly shatters stereotypes. You just have to listen to understand! Read more


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